Harmonization Platforms

Maelstrom Research provides access to guidelines and tools, and support for implementing data harmonization and co-analysis platforms. The platforms offer our partners web-based environments to achieve data management, harmonization, and co-analysis, and in doing so increase the security, quality, and efficiency of these processes. Each platform is unique and built to support the following types of data analysis:

  • study-specific: analysis by study, followed by meta-analysis of study-level estimates
  • pooled: data transferred to a central server and analyzed as a collective whole
  • federated: centralized analysis, but the individual-level participant data remain on local servers

These platforms also facilitate documentation of the harmonized variables generated (description of the variables, of the harmonization potential across studies, and of the statistical models or algorithms used to create the harmonized data). Access to such documentation simplifies the achievement of harmonization in new but similar contexts and enables cross-referencing or learning from the rules and algorithms used by former initiatives.

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